Sharon Danneels


Sharon Danneels, a Presidential Scholar, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education and worked for Sandia National Laboratories for many years. During this time she was a resource for PC Support (hardware and software), a Systems Manager and Octel Programmer/Trainer. Along with her colleagues, at Sandia Labs she conducted alpha and beta testing for the Octel Voicemail System. Committed to teaching, she volunteered as a teacher/tutor for disadvantaged and troubled students as well as other APS and college students. She taught Science with the School Partnership Program with Sandia Labs during her years of employment. She also continued to attend Octel training and teaching seminars to improve her skills while employed in this technological field. She has a special interest in multi - sensory teaching and enjoys applying different strategies with students with learning challenges. Mrs. Danneels strives to teach her students to make the most of the opportunities that they are given.