Stephen Gentry

Mentor/STEM Tutor

Steve attended New Mexico State University and graduated with a MS/BS in Electrical Engineering. He is a retired Senior Engineer at Sandia National Laboratories. Steve enjoyed a thirty-three-year career in electro-optical systems for remote sensing as well as over a decade in management of six different line organizations in space system technology and system development.

He was a key contributor to non-imaging spectro-temporal, transient collection systems for national security, with associated fundamental research and development for deployed Earth-observing payloads. He provided emphasis in cross-disciplinary, cross-laboratory, technology and team development to address systemic national security technical challenges. He consistently challenged Sandia to deliver “on-the-edge” of strategic national security space mission performance at the program, center and corporate levels. He provided vision and multi-center, multi-division, cross-laboratory technical team leadership, leading to nearly $1B integrated current and future investment at Sandia for next-generation optical nuclear detonation detection systems derived from Sandia LDRD Grand Challenge investment.

His current emphasis in retirement is to invest in mentoring a next generation of technical leaders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through several decades of practical experience in engineering technology organizations and systems.